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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should do Light Touch?
    Short answer… Everyone. Parents for their Children • Children for their Parents • Believers • Non Believers • Visionaries • Rich People • Poor People • Teachers • Students • Healers • Massage Therapists • Marriage Counselors... etc. .
  • What is the #1 secret of Light Touch ?
    The #1 “Secret of Light Touch” is “Doing it Everyday” and that you have magical powers and abilities laying dormant within you. Including… and first and foremost on the list: Manifestation of your dreams and the desires of the heart. It helps to keep asking for these blessings everyday. Once again Daily Practice. That’s why It works. Make a commitment today. To Practice Light Touch Today and Everyday. Even for a week. Try it for a week. See it • Conceive it with Light Touch • Believe it.
  • What's so special about Twilight Blessings?
    Twilight Blessings is an opportunity to sow seeds of good fortune into the psyche and especially the subconscious mind. When you go to sleep believing your prayers and invocations are answered, you have created it. This is where the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Just be sure to leave enough time for the fruit to ripen naturally on the vine. Daily Practice is recommended and speeds up the process… Exponentially…
  • Why should I do Light Touch each day?
    Because it helps as a "Daily Practice" to ask for Miracles and Blessings and Divine Love… With Light Touch. Times 10x10x10x10…
  • What are the advantages of becoming a Light Touch Practitioner ?
    A Light Touch Practitioner (LTP) can help heal people’s families, their finances and their health. LTP’s can charge over $125 a session. And for qualified individuals we will help funnel you work.
  • What is the Discovery Method?
    The Discovery Method is a communication technique designed to create unity and blessings and peace with each other. Only one person speaks at a time in discovery and we use a timer…
  • What is a safe word... and why should we use it?
    Light Touch works through agreement. We make an agreement that when a discussion seems to be heating up, that is the time to use the safe word, or bow hands in prayer position before the heart. At that point everyone stops talking, and you begin to share LT BLESSINGS. I like to start with thank you for blessing your light touch partner. Your light touch partner creates good fortune, healing, abundance and spiritual wellness. My safeword is Tao . When I say Tao we immediately stop talking, and start blessing each other. Are you willing to make an agreement to start using the safe word. To bless each other and build each other up. The world is in dire need of more love today especially among couples. Authors note… You’ll Notice during arguments that 9 Times of out of 10… Both of you are talking at the same time and interrupting each other. Probably not even being allowing the other to finish their thought. The Safe word and the discovery process are tools that you can use to protect yourself and the people you love most in your life…
  • Benefits of Light Touch
    benefits of the twilight work is it can help you to tap into your inner guidance, create more wealth… Heal past traumas, improve self esteem…
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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