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See it - Believe it - Receive it!

Heal Your Relationships

Heal Your Relationships





You can make a Light Touch connection with your clothing or with your partner's apparel.  Light Touch is very subtle...

it's the subtlest connection you can make barely touching yourself and or your Light Touch Partner... while adding your best heartfelt invocations.   Works like a charm.  Like a  Lucky Charm

Thank you for blessing my Light Touch Partner with your best blessings.  When you say those words it taps you         into the All Knowing Network.    Where  your prayers make a difference and you can receive  beneficial and meaningful results...


An example might be that your partner stays instead of slamming the door and driving away mad.  Instead you continue to send each other your best Light Touch Blessings.     

Don't be afraid to commit to daily practice.    By calling in Miracle Healing and Divine Love  in our relationships, you'll  begin to experience them in our daily life. 

There is no down side to Light Touch...   

Light Touch offers you hours of loving play and connection,  laying in each others arms feeling intimate, close and connected.    Even a little connection is enough.   as comfortable and connected as you can possibly be.    Cozy is a word that best describes it for me.    

Author's note................  We are not talking about preparing for sex.   We're talking about being in a prolonged state of ecstacy with your partner, sending and receiving, transfering, Divine Love requests.   For Success.   And lots of it.   and Right away.   Success with your children, success in your career.  Success in everyway.

I believe in miracles and I hope you do to.   Because when we invoke with Light Touch.   Sending out your best message for miracle healing, spiritual wellness and Divine Love.    Just the act in itself is enough to get you exponential Results.   And let's be grateful for what we have in the mean time.   And we'll be holding the space with you for


Success with yourself, and your partner.    When you bless each other, you protect each other, and your blessings are increased.


Every time you choose love, you are doing vitally important work...   With enough Love we will end war on the planet.   We seek this for all of US and you.   


Be part of our goal for 100,000 happy couples


World Wide.  



We pray for each other.   That's makes a huge  difference.  Pray / invoke while drifting off into and before getting out of bed in the morning.   Invoke in the middle of the night when your partner is stirring.   Thank you for bleessing our connection.   Thank you for Blessing our finances.    Thank you for Divine Love.   That's my favorite.    


invoke for each other, 


Believe in each other.   

Many times a day.   Send each other your best Light Touch blessings and Requests.  Before you get out of bed in the morning, before you fall asleep at night.   Text bless each other. 


 For more information about Text Blessings!  Click Here.......................

Thank you for miracles for my Light Touch partner.   When you say those words and apply light touch.   You become connected to the network, which is where the magic occurs.... 

The state of intimacy is one of the highest forms of bliss.   There is no downside to sharing intimacy and including the spirit with you meaningful touching and shamonic experiences.   

send a blessing, send blessings, either lift up your hands or apply a little light touch and repeat.   Thank you for Blessing _____________ thank you thank you thank you, for your best blessings.   And remember blessings are cumulative.   They add up in your spiritual bank account and materialize as good fortune, contentment, peace of mind…



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