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Safe Word


The concept of a safe word in relationships, especially within the context of intimacy and consent, plays a crucial role in ensuring both partners feel comfortable, respected, and heard. The safe word acts as a boundary setter, allowing partners to pause, and take a time out.   


Here's an in-depth look at the importance of having and using a safe word for couples:

1. Enhances Communication

A safe word provides a straightforward, unambiguous way to communicate boundaries and limits. It's a tool that fosters open dialogue about comfort levels, preferences, and dislikes, which is essential for healthy communication in any relationship.

2. Promotes Consent

Consent is a foundational element of all relationships, particularly in intimate situations. A safe word is a clear, predetermined signal that either partner can use to pause or stop any activity at any moment, ensuring that all interactions are consensual.

3. Builds Trust

Knowing that you have a mutually understood mechanism to express discomfort or revoke consent at any time can significantly increase trust between partners. This trust is critical for a secure, supportive relationship where both individuals feel valued and safe.

4. Enhances Intimacy

Intimacy isn't just about physical closeness; it's also about emotional connection and understanding. The process of discussing and agreeing on a safe word encourages couples to engage in deeper conversations about their desires and boundaries, which can strengthen their emotional bond.

5. Provides Emotional Safety

Having a safe word can be particularly important for individuals who have experienced trauma or have specific triggers. It offers an additional layer of emotional protection, ensuring that both partners can navigate intimacy without inadvertently causing distress.

6. Encourages Exploration

For couples interested in exploring new experiences or dynamics within their relationship, a safe word can provide the safety net needed to experiment confidently. Knowing they can easily signal if something isn't working for them encourages open-minded exploration.

7. Mitigates Misunderstandings

Non-verbal cues can sometimes be misinterpreted, especially in the heat of the moment. A safe word cuts through potential misinterpretations, providing a clear, undeniable signal that something needs to change.

8. Supports Personal Autonomy

Using a safe word respects and upholds each partner's autonomy over their body and experiences. It's a recognition that, regardless of the relationship's dynamics, individual comfort and consent are paramount.


A safe word is more than just a signal to stop; it's a tool that supports the pillars of a healthy relationship: communication, consent, trust, and mutual respect. By adopting and respecting a safe word, couples can create a safer, more open, and more fulfilling partnership.


My safe word is Tao – When I say Tao we immediately stop talking, and immediately start sending and cirulating blessings to  each other.  

saying phrases such as...

May My Light Touch Partner Be Blessed

Thank you for Blessing My Light Touch Partner.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for Blessing my LTP.

It is important to circulate all blessings and that's why we ask that you all agree to do this.   Especially when using the safe word.   

Will you commit to this process?


Let's bless and uplift each other, for  couples in conflict crave this love.  

Using the Safe word and discovery process -------- see discovery process. 

shields and protects you and your  loved ones.   Use it often, and with Light Touch.   

Authors Note

Things tend to heat up rather quickly when both parties are speaking simultaneously and interrupting each other.

That is the time to implement the safe word.


The implementation of a safe word and adopting a discovery process serve as valuable tools. These tools not only safeguard yourself but also ensure protection for your beloved and loved ones in your life."


Safe word fosters 

Clear Communication: 

Respect for Boundaries:

Protecting Emotional Safety:

Conflict Resolution: 

Blessings 7.3MB.gif

In this section of "Learn the Secrets of Light Touch,"  

We celebrate the journey by engaging in exercises to

amplify the blessings you'd like to manifest and receive. 

Allow yourself to continue to express

gratitude for clarity,

clear guidance,

 and Divine Love. 


Imagine each light you see below

as whispering  Yes and Thank You 

Thank you for Blessings...   

Times 10x10x10x10x

Do 3 sets of 30 seconds each as you apply

Your Best Blessing Light Touch. 

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