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Jay Light Touch

Meet the Founder


Jay received  a degree in humanistic psychology from Sonoma State University, and has been fascinated with transformation ever since.   Especially with the new wave of Electronics, visualization, and Virtual Reality. 

Jay has been exploring the secrets of Light Touch to create...  Success, Miracles, and Divine Love starting in the 1990's when he spent hundreds of hours capturing footage  of the Sun.   He is ahead of his time, and believes we can all have a better life now, through right action. 

30 years ago Jay Mayer was struggling with addiction to drugs as were so many other people from his generation.  But out of that addiction he discovered Light Touch which saved him from the worst part of himself.   


If it works for me, it can and will work for you too.


With Light Touch I was able to quit doing drugs, and even got briefly involved in politics... 

Download my illustrative book "Mayer for President"  for a $1.00 Min. Donation

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