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Dear Esteemed Media Outlets, World Leaders, and Concerned Citizens,

Your attention to this matter is profoundly appreciated.

I implore you to take heed of the dire circumstances that unfolded following the final North Korean test on September 3rd, 2017.


In the aftermath, Hurricanes Maria and Irma unleashed unparalleled devastation upon Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys within a mere fortnight, resulting in a staggering cost of $150 billion in damages. 


To grasp the gravity of the situation: Puerto Rico suffered complete annihilation, tallying losses of $100 billion, while the Florida Keys witnessed the destruction of 90% of its structures, amassing a cost of $50 billion.

This catastrophic series of events calls for our collective action and immediate attention. We must unite on a global scale to address these profound humanitarian crises.

Your timely support and coverage in spreading awareness and garnering assistance are invaluable in aiding the affected communities.

Together, let us rally for aid, solidarity, and lasting solutions in the face of these monumental challenges.

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Sincerely, “The Censored Candidate - 

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