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In this section of "Learn the Secrets of Light Touch,"  

We celebrate the journey by engaging in exercises to

amplify the blessings you'd like to manifest and receive. 

Step one is to practice Gratitude while
Applying Light Touch to the following images 
Gratitude opens
up the door to success, miracles, and good fortune.








Imagine each light you see 

as whispering  Yes and Thank You 

Thank you for Blessings...   

Times 10x10x10x10x

Do this everyday for at least 7 days.

Blessings <<>>.gif
 Times 10x10x10x10x   Thank you for every Blessing                                                             Divine Love  <> 2022.gif

Repeat affirmations that are important to you such as.   
Thank you for blessing your Family, your Finances
and your health.
  Visualize each light is saying Yes.
Yes.  Yes. Yes. Yes.  
Yes is the first word of power.
Imagine each light is whispering yes and/or Thank you.


 Blessings2               Cozmics DC.jpg

This is powerful when you do it.   It is a religion .   A prosperity Church .

Prosperity for your Family, Prosperity in your Finances


Prosperity in your Health. 

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