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Heal Your Body. Heal Your Finances . Heal Your Relationships


After doing LT...  Jan was the leading sales person recently and we choose  $1,000 gas card for her bonus.   Free gas for the Next year and half.   She used to have to dip into savings each month to pay rent.   No more.    Yesterday she made close to $600.00 the day before $500.   Sometimes rent and a 1/2 in a day...   


Hello my name is Lanie, I suffer from epilepsy. The first time I noticed that Light Touch took away my seizures I was amazed, I have learned since then that because it calms me down, and helps me feel more love in the world, it actually does help cure my epilepsy. Thank you Light Touch!


Trevor:    More income, more business opportunities, better health, and better relationship.    We use it when we are upset,  and it always benefits us as a couple.


Donna:   We had a contentious relationship… now  he’s changing and softening, being open and more generous, and loving towards me, as I am doing that with him.   We're on day 3... Thank you Light Touch



The prayers worked I got a free rose caco

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